The Purple Joke.


27th March 2017:
Prompt of the day

Well Well… Well.

Why , Hello, my dear. I am, Purple. 
Do you know me?

Why…. this is going to be fun. HAHAHAHAHA!

You’re not a fan of Black are you?

Purple… let me tell you something about purple. Purple, can’t live without black. And the funniest part, is… Black can’t live without Purple either. While Black uses morality to hide in itself, Purple being purple, is just, chaos.
Purple has only one rule: To keep Black alive. And chaos. So I guess that’s two.


You still seemed confused. Let me try again.

Hello, my dear. I’m the new Black. I’m Purple.
I’m ,the Killing Joke.


Perspective taken from the Joker’s Point of View 



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